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Baby Hand Castings Stirling

When little ones grow up so quickly, how tiny they were can become a distant memory rather than one to be cherished. Play Pots of Stirling specialise in ceramics, clay impressions and 3D casts which are physical mementos of special times. 

Our baby hand castings immortalise your child’s hand-print, so you can look back in years to come and remember those precious early days. Your children will be able to look at their very own baby hand castings and appreciate how much they have changed. 

Just like you pin up your child’s drawings, your baby hand castings can be framed using your choice of frame and mount, providing a means of displaying such a personal and treasured possession. Prices start from just £30 for an unframed hand or foot casting. Many clients like to personalise their baby hand castings further by framing a photo of their child, or even their first pair of shoes, alongside their hand or foot casting. 

If you are thinking of something a little smaller, perhaps something you can have with you wherever you go, we also design and produce beautiful silver fingerprint jewellery, including charms, pendants, keyrings or cufflinks. 

Play Pots is a baby-friendly place where you and your child can come and make beautiful memories together. We are Stirling’s local ceramic studio working with parents and children to create something unique. If you are interested in booking a session for a baby hand casting with your little one, why not get in touch today?